At The Office

Carmen slowly pushes open the door to the supply room. "Hello?" she calls out. As she suspected, there was no answer. She searches around frantically fo a box of staples. It is already 6:45 and she wants to be out of the office by 7:00 p.m.

"Is this what you're looking for?" a voice startles her from behind. "Oh!" Thanks I didn't know anyone was still here." she replies. Sarah approaches Carmen with a box of staples in her right hand. She holds the box out at arms length. As Carmen reaches for the box Sarah places her left hand on top of Carmen's outstreatched arm.

Carmen looks into Sarah's face surprised at the gentle touch that sends shivers down her spine. As Carmen pulls the box of staples towards her, Sarah follows Still clutching her end of the box. Sarah's left hand glides up Carmen's sun bronzed arm, caressing each seeimingly strategically placed indention. Over her soft round shoulder, down her slender back, finally landing on her supple derier.

Carmen's body tenses up, feeling her excitement Sarah tinderly presses her mouth onto Carmen's. The sensual kiss arouses Carmen. Sarah leisurely spreads kisses on Carmen's body, moving downward from her lips to the side of her neck to her plump blushing cleavage, lingering a little while before moving to her belly.
Sarah stealthily lifts Carmen's plaid skirt up around her waist, kneeling on the ground Saray caresses Carmen's toned amazonian legs, then slowly slides Carmen's silk panties down to her feet.
Sarah surrounds Carmen's moist vagina with her eager mouth. Carmen giggles, longing for Sarah to insert her tongue.

As if on cue, Sarah soothingly sucks Carmen's pink labia. Suctioning both small slivers into her mouth then releasing. Just when Carmen can wait no longer, Sarah slips her tongue between the swollen slits. Carmen gasps anxiously, moaning in pleasure. Sarah pumps her tongue in and out, then swirls it around carmen's now engorged clitoris. Carmen cries out in delight.

"Aaah... oooh.... ungh... I'm cumming... don't stop!"

Sarah speeds up the movement of her tongue, groping Carmen's ass as she pleasures her. Carmen's vaginal wall contracts and releases her juices all over Sarah's face. "Oh Yes... yes... yes!"                    
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