Mile High Club

John is exhausted from his business trip. He would give anything to lay down on a soft mattress and cover up with a warm blanket. Instead here he is sitting upright in business class. Not nearly as comfortable as the airline's description.

"Sir, can I get you anything?"

John lifts his head to face the most incredible creature he has ever seen. "You... umm... I mean coffee!" John blurts, quickly correcting himself.

"You got it. Coffee with a side of me." The flight attendant jokes wryly as she pours his cup of coffee. John watches her as she moves down the aisle serving drinks to the other passengers. He fantasizes about her tall slender body pressed between a wall and himself. When she passes his seat again, she smiles and offers him another cup of coffee.

"The movie will begin soon." she says as she hands him a headset.

"Thanks" a few minutes into the film, John senses he has had a bit too much coffee. He stands and quickly makes his way toward the tiny lavatory at the rear of the plane. As John faces the toilet with his back towards the door he hears a click. Someone is trying to open it.

"Occupied!" he calls out. The door quietly opens. John turns to see the flight attendant there. "Oh I'll be done in a minute." he says, she ignores him. She squeezes past him and sits on the toilet lid. Confused John watches in awe as she unzips his slacks. She pulls out his member and places her warm mouth around him. He feels himself harden as she gently suctions his flesh in her mouth. With his hands entwined in her flowing auburn hair, John slowly pumps her head back and forth against him.
John can tell she's a pro. The moisture and warm comfort is inviting. John begins to pump faster, the flight attendant flicks her tongue against his now throbbing tool. The movement excites John, pushing him to his limit.

 John feels his body tense with the pressure building up inside his manhood. With a loud groan, he releases his load into her mouth. The cum drips from the corner of her mouth. She licks her lips and swallows.                    
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