Steamy Sauna Session

Jeremy had noticed the twins at the fitness center before. Today is the first day they noticed him. he is surprised to see one of the gorgeous women approach him.

"Will you spot me?" she asks. Jeremy jumps at the chance to interact with half of a sexy pair.

"You have a sister right?" he asks, trying to make small talk while he helps her.
"Yes" she replies, "she is swimming laps in the pool." Jeremy imagines her petite body clad in a tiny bikini. It isn't very difficult to imagine since the mirror image sits stradled right in front of him. Jeremy thinks of many fun things he can do with twins but his favorite is what he can do "to" them. Jeremy continues to flirt as he helps her workout on various machines.
"It's time for me to meet my sister." She informs him she should be waiting in the sauna.

"Ok see you later." he says.

"Wait, don't you want to meet my sister?"

"Yes" he replies, almost too eagerly.

Gina pokes her head into the women's sauna "Tina are you in here?"
"Right here." she hears a reply. Tina comes out of the steamy room. Her hair and body still moist.
"This is Jeremy" Gina introduces. He helped me with my workout.

"Hi! Nice to meet you. You two can come in, I'm the only one inside." Jeremy's conscience nags at the thought of being caught in the ladies sauna, he quickly silences it and enters anyway.
Inside the sauna Tina removes the towel she had draped around her. Jeremy feels a rise in his shorts when he sees that she has nothing underneath, Jeremy's presence does not seem to bother her at all. She sits and jokes as if she is completely clothed.
"It's hot in here." Gina exclaims as she begins pulling her clothing off. "Jeremy it's cool if you take your shorts off too. We promise not to peek."

Jeremy finally has the chance to show off johnson to the duo, he's always been proud of how well endowed he is. The two girls compare breast size using Jeremy as the judge. "They're the same" he repeated.
"Here feel mine" Tina thrusts her chest out determined to beat out her sister. Jeremy gently squeezes the large breasts in his palms.
"Feel mine they're real. She had a boob job!" Gina protests
"Did not." Tina whines. Jeremy places his hands on Gina's breasts and gives them a squeeze.
Jeremy acting as breast inspector gropes Tina with his right hand and Gina with his left. Amused at the sibling rivalry Jeremy test how far he can get with the two women. "My mouth is more sensitive then my hands..." he declares just before surrounding Tina's breast with his mouth. "Man I wish I had two mouths" he thinks to himself. He swirls his tongue around her succulent aureole. Teasing her nipple, He feels it harden in his mouth. He pulls back, letting her nipple pop out of his mouth.                    
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